Lavender Candle 250ml


Hand Poured Candle with 100% Pure Lavender Essential Oil

High quality aromatherapy candle with 100% pure essential Lavender oil made from soya wax.

Lavender  Candle With Lavender Essential Oil

Ignite a wave of serenity and calm with our hand-poured lavender aromatherapy candle. Our candles are made with just two ingredients, a natural soy wax base, and generous dashings of our 100% pure organic lavender essential oil. These long-burning beauties will fill your space with the strongest scent of pure lavender bliss.
Free from parabens, SLS, petrochemicals, synthetics and other nasties. All our products, cruelty free.


Soy wax is 100% natural and is derived from the vegetable, soybeans. This comes with many benefits to you and the planet.
- A natural renewable resource
- Biodegradable and cleans easily with soap and water
- Lower melting point than usual paraffin wax, this means soy candles will burn slower and last longer
- Zero soot, meaning no black marks on the glass jar or walls


Create an atmosphere of calm and invigorate your space with the luscious scent of lavender. At home, keep it on your desk, in your guest room, beside your bed, close to the bathtub, or beside your favourite reading spot. Because our essential oil is
therapeutic strength, our candles are a popular choice for Ireland’s leading salons, spas and yoga studios.

This Lavender Scented candle will create a beautiful accent wherever it is placed. Infused with our own Lavender Essential oil. Fills any room with a burst of evocative scents even when not burning. The beautiful, versatile aroma of Lavender will refresh a room, help you relax, fight stress and promote sleep.


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