Purple Cloud Lavender Mist is a 100% pure and natural with essential oil of lavender. Comes is a brown transparent bottle and packaged in our branded box.


- Lavender mist and spray Invigorates stuffy spaces and enlivens the mind
- Creates a calming environment
- Lasting rich aroma which soothes and balances
- Lavender mist spray is known to promote peaceful sleep


Clean and calm
Spray directly onto towels, sheets, clothes and laundry before ironing for a fresh scent that lasts on your clothes
Pillow talk
Spritz onto pillow just before bed
Make Space
Spray around reading, working, study, workout, meditation or yoga environments to enliven space with an energetic calm

"Lavender officinalis" or "Lavender angustifolia" which are the original latin names for lavender has been used by the ancients for is healing and aromatherapeutic properties. The petal through diffusion creates a lavender oil toned with a slight yellow hint. This plant develops at its best during mid-spring to pre-summer and is native to the mediterranean climates. Lavender oil which is extricated from these blossoms or leaves are generally known for its various medical advantages particularly for it calming quality and beautiful scent. This is one of the topmost 10 fragrant healing oils on the planet and Purple Clouds own brand produced on our farm is of extremely high quality. Truth be told, lavender oil is a very valuable ingredient used in a variety of products promoting wellbeing and even used in the kitchen. Truth be told, this can even be utilized by individuals who have exceptionally delicate skin and even pets love its calming aroma. Lavender is regularly utilized for perfumes and its healing qualities. Purple clouds pure unadulterated oil which can either be straightforwardly applied on the skin or breathed in with the utilization of vaporizer or diffuser as lavender oil fog. Additionally, lavender leaves or blossoms can likewise be dried and utilized as a natural concentrate for dietary purposes or for tea.

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